Talks and Presentations


Human-Model Divergence in the Handling of Vagueness

Presenting an extended abstract on some differences between people and models when handling vague predicates.


CLSP Seminar Talk: Universal Decompositional Semantic Parsing

Presented work from ACL 2020 alongside new results in the CLSP seminar

Universal Decompositional Semantic Parsing

We introduce a transductive model for parsing into Universal Decompositional Semantics (UDS) representations, which jointly learns to …


Deep Learning Fundamentals

Gave a pair of lectures on DNNs in EN.601.464 (Artificial Intelligence)

Philosophy of Language for NLP

Summarizes major questions in the philosophy of language and how they relate to various problems in NLP.

Semantic Eval for MT

Presented a summary of multiple forms of semantic evaluation for MT to the Textual Choreography reading group.


Attention and Alignment

Presented an overview of Ghader and Monz (2017) to the Textual Choreography reading group at JHU.